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CLWA Candidate Shows Strong Momentum for Fundraising During the First Half of 2010

July 6, 2010

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Castaic Lake Water Agency Board of Directors Candidate, Kevin D. Korenthal Shows Strong Momentum for Fundraising During the First Half of 2010
(Santa Clarita, CA – July 7, 2010) Kevin D. Korenthal, candidate for the Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA) Board of Directors, announced today that he has raised $6633 during the fundraising period ending June 30, 2010. Korenthal’s early fundraising success demonstrates momentum for his candidacy and strength in his commitment to focus on three key issues: rates, quality and reliability.
“Water is California's most important natural resource and CLWA must ensure that operations are efficient so that rates are fair for residents and businesses,” Korenthal said.  “I’m honored that people and businesses have the confidence in my candidacy to invest money to help me take my message to voters. Our early success is motivating, inspiring me to work even harder on behalf of Castaic Lake Water Agency ratepayers.”
“That Kevin has been able to raise this much money for a local water board race is impressive in itself”, said Brian Koegle Korenthal for CLWA Director Treasurer. “But when you add in the soft economy and the fact that he is running against an entrenched incumbent, this is an phenomenal kickoff for a dynamic campaign”.
“My campaign is coming together early and impressively because I am the candidate in this election that has a plan to solve some of the biggest problems facing the ratepayers,” Korenthal said. “I will fight the $220,000,000, single-use chloride treatment plant without a thorough review of alternatives and a frank discussion between the Agency and ratepayers regarding the true consequences of this proposal. When we’re talking about a huge ratepayer investment, due diligence and accountability are mandatory.”
Mr. Korenthal has testified before the CLWA Board of Directors that the chloride levels could be better reduced by finally building a water conveyance system in the Delta that does not draw salty sea-water and agricultural runoff into the water that eventually arrives in Santa Clarita. Furthermore, Korenthal is committed to helping advocate for a statewide solution to California’s water crisis to reduce CLWA’s dependence on questionable chemical additives (such as Chloramines) to disinfect the water Santa Clarita receives from the State Water Project.
Mr. Korenthal is challenging CLWA Division One Director Ed Colley as he runs for a 3rd term on the board. More information is available at www.Korenthal.com
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