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California Water Bond Will Not Appear on Nov. 2010 Ballot Statement by CLWA Candidate Kevin D. Korenthal

June 30, 2010

Proponents of California Water Bond have indicated their intent to postpone the public vote on the initiative until the November 2012 election. They rightly noted that the people were unlikely to pass the $11 billion bond due to the weak economy. 

I welcome the postponement and believe it is an opportunity for water advocates to return to the voters with a more efficient and focused funding proposal. There’s no question California’s water infrastructure is crumbling and needs repair. Instead of a bond where vital improvements are suffocated by billions in additional special interest spending, we need to put forward a plan to rebuild Delta levees and deliver a real plan to rebuild the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta conveyance system. It was a marvel of engineering when initially constructed some 60 years ago, but today has become over-extended and in need of replacement.
The best solution to the ecological damage taking place in the Delta and the only way to insure that successive generations of Californians have reliable access to clean water is to replace the Delta system with one of the plans currently under development by the State Water Contractors (a group of 27 water agencies www.swc.org). It is also noteworthy that California farmers have been made the villain for taking state water when in fact the real villain in this story is the system of conveyance that is used to transport that water to a region of the state that once fed people all over the world.
In closing, I feel that a prudent public works project to rebuild the levees, improve conveyance and provide adequate storage is the right fix for California’s water crisis. It would preserve our agricultural economy, deliver a huge boost to the economy at a time when we need it most and – most importantly – preserve California’s most precious natural resource for our children and grandchildren.  


UPDATE: Steve McLean of the Training For Water System Operators blog shares some additional opinions on this matter here.


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