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Here Is The 411 On Kevin's Campaign

July 4, 2010

Mr. Korenthal's first foray into local politics came in October 1989 when he led a group of fellow Canyon High School students on a campaign to create a County Coroner's office in Santa Clarita. The campaign was the result of an October 25, 2010 traffic accident death of his friend Manual "Manny" Felix. Manny's body lay in the street for more than 5 hours as LA County Coroners Office officials fought rush-hour traffic from Los Angeles. Mr. Korenthal was also instrumental in a campaign to place a traffic signal at the corner of Whites Canyon Rd. & Delight St. in Canyon Country California. Fellow Canyon High student Jill Hartman was killed while attempting to cross Whites Canyon at the pedestrian crossing just one day after the tragic accident of Manny Felix.

"To protect the water we have and fight for the water we need”

Kevin is running for Castaic Lake Water Agency because he believes that he possesses a set of coalition building and public relations skills that can help bring to fruition the dream of many in the Southern California water community. That dream is a new conveyance, storage and alternative water generation project in California. As many of you know, the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta where 50% of Santa Clarita’s water comes from is in perilous condition due to years of uncompleted deferred maintenance and decades of use that exceed the capabilities of the system. Just as importantly, increasingly stringent water quality and environmental regulations have deemed the water coming to us from the Delta out of compliance with state regulators. As you know, the Delta system remains precariously exposed to the possibility of a natural disaster that could take the Delta system offline, leaving hundreds of thousands or even millions of people without access to life-giving water. And don’t even get me started on what the courts could do to the flow of this water in coming years…

The bottom line is that Kevin believes that he can bring the environmental, business, land-ownership and even Organized Labor communities together with water professionals from around the state to address the REAL CRISIS we face in water today. He has a keen sense for the other more local issues that affect access to and the quality of water in our own valley and would look forward to working with those already on the CLWA board to continue the proud tradition of responsible leadership and conservation of one our most precious resources.


MarkMay at June 4, 2010:
Hey Kevin, Good lookin site brotha!

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