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Questions from a potential supporter

June 10, 2010

A facebook contact asks: What are your qualifications for the position and what fees and or taxes do you plan to increase to improve an already working system?

That is a good set of questions Rocky. Let me start with the end of your question. The system may be working, but not well and it is getting more expensive to keep it in working order. Furthermore, small thatch and earthen levees (sometimes as narrow as 20 feet) are all that separates fresh water from sea water intrusion. One earthquake (which the area is long overdue for) would immediately shut down the flow of water out of the Delta due to sea water intrusion.

Having said that, a new form of Delta conveyance is a must. This job has been put off for far too long. But the time it has taken has allowed for the invention of technologies that can improve the performance and mitigate environmental damage that results from building a new conveyance system. We'll also need to look at new water storage to account for increased flows of water and alternative forms of obtaining freshwater. Desalination on the coast and sewage treatment for agricultural and municipal facility irrigation come to mind.

As for costs, the water districts through deals with The State Water Contractors already have a plan to build this infrastructure on the backs of the ratepayers that would benefit from the system (i.e. heavy state water users like San Diego and the farmers in the Central Valley would pay the most and so on). But new technological ideas, like tunneling rather than aqueduct conveyance could raise the price. Again, the ratepayers would and should shoulder the costs. There is absolutely no need to go to the voters for a bond to build this project. In fact the water bond that voters will see on the November ballot is a step backwards rather than forwards in solving California's real water crisis.

QUALIFICATIONS: I have been involved in local, state and Federal politics for almost a decade. Having said that, I have always worked in these areas as the little guy attempting to create the coalitions that challenge government and large special interest groups. My skills in building consensus and coalitions has been well documented and praised by... See More my supporters while I have been castigated by those that I have challenged and beat. Yet I remain open to the idea that a man that is your opponent one day could be your advocate the next and always remain respectful of people because of this philosophy.

Specifically, I have spent a lot of time at water board meetings. I have taken part in advocacy against discriminatory labor policies and wacko environmental and special interest policies. I will be an advocate for the ratepayer but I do not pretend to promise that the cost of water will not rise. California has a lot of construction that it needs to do related to water and this costs money. But is also creates good paying construction jobs.


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