Korenthal For Water Board

Urine Trouble Over Chloride, Santa Clarita

October 22, 2010


Let’s go directly to the tape.
“Your (valley) has grown and grown and continues to grow,” [E. Michael Solomon, general manager of the United Water Conservation District based in Santa Paula] said. “When you use that water — when it goes through your body — it comes out to (ultimately) produce 130 milligrams of chloride per liter.”
So even though Santa Clarita uses State Water which contains a TMDL of chloride of 80 mg/l residents of the SCV are on the hook for chloride treatment because of the 20-30 mg/l that is produced when we run that water through our bodies.
Lest there be any mistake, Signal writer Jim Holt breaks it down.
Picking up on the logic of Solomon’s math, people in the Santa Clarita Valley simply drinking and expelling state water are discharging waste almost at the total maximum daily load for chloride, which is 117 mg/L.
I attended this meeting and held my tongue during the question and answer period. But before the meeting began I asked Michael Solomon the following question: Would the Ventura County interests be willing to look at short-term, temporary solutions to chloride reduction and join in on pushing for a new conveyance system in the Delta? He told me that this matter has gone on for long enough and that (I am paraphrasing here) they are married to the solution that is in the Alternative Water Resources Management Plan.
I simply refuse to believe that partisan lobbyists working with unelected bureaucrats in Sacramento can force Santa Clarita to pick up the tab for both the chloride it adds to the water and that which comes ot us from the State Water Project. The Ventura County folks admitted that the Regional Water Quality Board was on the cutting edge of increasingly draconian clean water regulations and that the 9 regional boards were constantly one-upping the other with harsher and harsher penalties. So where does this all end? Who will finally say that enough is enough?
The answer is clear. Korenthal for CLWA Division One on November 2nd. 2010.
Please be sure to read the entire Signal article here.



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