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The solution to hard water…

August 18, 2010   Submit Comment
  Santa Clarita, CA like many communities, suffers from hard water due to high levels of calcium. In addition to being uncomfortable on the skin and bad for our pipes, emerging science suggests that too much ingested calcium is unhealthy. Valencia Water Company is employing a ground-breaking technology to address this problem. Learn all about it here.
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Water issues (such as high chloride levels) and my proposal to solve them

July 25, 2010   Submit Comment
Our local paper, the Santa Clarita Signal is running my position paper on some of the biggest issues facing Santa Clarita residents in regards to their water. Please take a moment to read how I propose solving these problems and, if you could, please offer your comments below the article.
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The (temporary) downside of solar

July 07, 2010   Submit Comment
  As the Castaic Lake Water Agency and dozens of other municipalities around California begin planning to roll out thousands of acres of solar panels, a little reality check might be warranted.
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